How do I interpret the Insights Dashboard?

Qstream maintains an extensive data engine, which we have transformed into several reporting tools to help provide actionable insights.

To access these reports, click on Insights at the top right of your screen after you've logged into your Qstream account.



At the top of your Insights report, you'll be able to see a high-level summary of what's happening within your Qstreams, including:

  1. The Summary cards at the top show you how many people are enrolled in your Qstreams, how many ongoing Qstreams you have and how many completed Qstreams.

  2. The Overall Participation card shows you participation as a percentage of those enrollments that have been acted on. You can also see the Participants that have started vs. those that have not started.

  3. The Proficiency Increase card shows the improvement from initial to current proficiency across all Qstreams. 




If you scroll down the page, you'll see a list of ongoing Qstreams, separated from a list of completed Qstreams. You can access reports specific to each Qstream by clicking on the card for that Qstream.




Additionally, if you click on the stacked dots at the end of the card, you'll see the option to View comments or Download answer attempts.




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