What data is included in the Summary tab of the Program Manager Report?

To see your Qstream reports, log into your Qstream account and click on the Insights link listed at the top right of your screen.



From here, you'll see a list of ongoing Qstreams with the ability to click on each one for more specific reporting.




When you click into the individual Qstream, here is what you'll see on the Summary tab...

  1. Progress -- The progress pie chart represents the % of participants that fall into one of the following three progress categories: Not Started (Participant has not responded to any of their Qstream questions), In Progress (Participant has answered at least one of their Qstream questions) and Finished (Participant has finished their Qstream and answered all questions).

  2. Proficiency -- The proficiency bar chart indicates the % correct on first attempt across all participant responses so far, the % correct on the current attempt of questions and Qstream's proficiency improvement calculation.

  3. Activity -- The activity pie chart represents the level of activity by the participants, and at what pace they are answering their questions as they are delivered into their queue. Activity levels are defined as: Very Active (questions have remained in a participant's queue for no more than two days), Active (questions have remained in a participant's queue for 3-7 days), Inactive (questions have remained in a participant's queue for seven days or longer) and Not Started (participants have not answered any questions).

  4. Summary results -- The Summary results section features miscellaneous details about this particular Qstream, including initial launch date, total number of participants enrolled, number of questions included, total question attempts and overall Qstream difficulty.




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