What data is included in the Coaching tab of the Program Manager Report?

Once you've logged into your Qstream account and clicked on Insights at the top right, you'll see a list of ongoing and completed Qstreams. You can drill down into specific reports by clicking on the Qstream you want to see.



The Coaching tab allows Program Managers to view which Frontline Managers have contacted their direct reports through their manager dashboard, based on the current coaching opportunities available to them.

NOTE: The Coaching tab is only valuable if Hierarchy Groups are configured for your site and tagged, at least one manager is assigned to their applicable group, and participants tagged to their manager/group.

The status of current coaching opportunities is grouped into five categories:

  • Actioned = Manager has started a coaching conversation with a team member

  • Retired = The coaching conversation is no longer necessary as the team member has demonstrated skill and knowledge in this area

  • Dismissed = Manager has decided that a coaching conversation using the Qstream coaching tools is not needed at this time

  • Pending = Coaching conversation is still available for the manager to take

  • Expired = Coaching conversation is out of date as it's been 14 days since it was presented to the manager



Additionally, if you would like to download this data, you can do so by clicking on the Export Report button at the top right. 

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